Geometric Bouquet Swedish Dishcloth Reusable paper towels, Eco-friendly cleaning ,biodegradable dishcloths

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These dishcloths are guaranteed to bring fresh Scandinavian style into your kitchen. Used in Swedish kitchens since the 1950s, these tried and trusted dishcloths are made of all natural and renewable materials. Highly durable, they are great for washing up, general cleaning and mopping up spills.

Each cloth absorbs 20x its weight, replaces 17 rolls of paper towels.

Compostable Swedish dishcloth. Made from biodegradable cellulose and all-natural cotton blend (80% cellulose / 20% cotton), these dishcloths are very much like the original Swedish dishcloth material. They are a great alternative to sponges and paper towels and they are washing machine and dishwasher safe so they can be reused many times, leading to less waste. Plus, they don’t allow bacteria to grow the way sponges do). 

Material: Cellulose and cotton.

Size: 6.75" X 8".