Hand Held Olivewood Cross

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This beautifully crafted wooden cross made of olive wood nestles wonderfully into the shape of the hand. 

This beautiful Christian cross is lightweight, smooth and unevenly shaped so its nice and comforting to hold in the palm of your hand and carry around, for solace and prayer, and to feel closer to the Lord.

Each cross is unique, with its own character and textures, made of pure ancient olive woods from the hills near Jerusalem and Bethlehem in the Holy Land, where olive trees have been growing since the time of Christ.

Skilled olive wood carving is an ancient biblical tradition that continues in Israel to the present day

The cross has nice smell of the antique olive trees, it is very solid and ages with time nicely the more it is used.

Each cross is made from a different segment of solid olive wood, therefore no two are alike. A lovely gift for family, friends, for special events baptism, confirmation, birthday, Easter, Christmas or to give someone in time of need.